Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oregon IPAs

IPAs have always made me a bit nervous. They're more hoppy and bitter than most beers I tend to drink; finding one I like tends to be a crapshoot with a fine line between love and hate. However, I know that Brian loves a good IPA, as do many homebrewers and microbrew fans.

I have taken solice in the idea that IPAs may be the "acquired taste" of the beer world. People who love them will always love them. People who dislike them may learn to appreciate them (much like the desert, but I digress).

There's usually one thing that gets me to like beers outside of my comfort zone. Taste test. Imagine my delight when I read an article in yesterday's Oregonian food section about a Northwest IPA taste test. 6 Oregon IPAs. Panel of experts and amateurs. Blind. Now we're talking.
BridgePort IPA
Terminal Gravity IPA
Deschutes Quail Springs India Pale Ale
Widmer W'05 India Pale Ale
Full Sail IPA
Pyramid IPA
To read the article and the IPA reviews(without logging on or sifting through Oregonian ads), check out their "printer-friendly" version here.

I think I may recreate their little taste test at some point. Either way, the article gave me a new appreciation of IPAs -- especially when they talked about how they pair so nicely with fattier and spicier foods. Good to know.


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