Sunday, February 25, 2007

For the Tucson Beer Drinkers Out There...

You will be happy to know that Local Dough is open for business with a full food and beer menu! They are open for both lunch and dinner. You can get a cold pint of something wonderful along with a superb slice of pizza for around $6 to $6.50 at lunch time.

Local Dough is located on the south side of Speedway Blvd where the Eric's used to be. The owners are really friendly guys - go in for a pint and say hello!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

serving pressure?

I am fortunate to have a good friend that keeps Guinness on tap regularly. The best part is that he lets me have a key to his place so I can stop by anytime I'm downtown to pull a pint. This is especially useful after Georgia Tech football games because I can make "on the way home" include a trip by his house and it really is on the way.

But this week he went a little wild. Instead of Guinness, he ordered a keg of Boddington's. Equally delicious in my opinion and it doesn't require an equipment change. Well, except for the keg coupler which almost every source prior to the pick-up ensured was the same as the Guinness keg but really turned out to be the same as a Bass keg. After cleaning some scary looking stuff out of the one the store loaned to him, everything hooked up and beer ready to pour. Sort of.

First beer, too foamy. Pressure needs adjusting from Guinness pressure. The only problem is, what pressure should we set it to? No, seriously. I've been searching on the net for almost an hour while we're watching the hock-eh game and I can't seem to find a site that will provide information about recommended serving pressures, suggested volumes of CO2, or anything remotely helpful regarding commercially available beers. Is this some sort of trade secret that distributors are wanting to keep
to themselves? If so, I want to know so I can get a site started where we start making the info available. Or maybe it's out there and I am just getting too old to use the Internet. Know where we can find this info?

Thanks in advance.