Sunday, December 09, 2007

blue in georgia

It's been a trying week. Most of the hassle had to do with the fact that the robotics team had a competition at Auburn this weekend. That even had its own trials and tribulations thanks mostly to a stowaway from another team on our bus.

What's the cure for these ailments? You guessed it, a cool brew with lunch on Sunday. Especially after two full days of abstinence due to my job as a "role model" for a bunch of teenagers. Whoever wrote the rule that trip chaperones can't drink obviously hasn't actually chaperoned a trip.

So you can imagine that the last thing I needed was someone telling me I couldn't have a beer. But that's exactly what the waitress told me. She's lucky I knew it wasn't her just being a jackass. It just wasn't 12:30 PM yet in Georgia on a Sunday.

Blue laws in Georgia can kiss my grits.

And to the politicians that stand by this nonsense, what makes you so sure I didn't take my ass to the early service so I could beat you to the good restaurants? Or is it that you just don't want me to beat you to the well? I respect that you don't drink until after your service. You're so good that you don't even have real wine with communion but rather substitute unfermented, government Juicy Juice (which seems to be a downright sacrilegious act in itself). But that doesn't mean that you have to simultaneously worry about what I'm doing with my personal time and personal money.

Besides, it seems like I'm the least of your worries before 12:30.


  • At 3:26 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    I really don't understand blue laws. Hasn't several centuries of people doing just fine in other countries and jurisdictions without them proven that they're pointless? It's not even like drinking isn't Christian or something. Just look at Communion. It's time to overturn Georgia's! The ones in Massachusetts are thankfully much more relaxed now.

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