Thursday, September 28, 2006

Local Dough, Tucson, AZ: Part II

Brian posted a few weeks back about a wonderful, magical place called Local Dough. They have kick ass beers on tap, excellent pizza and sandwiches, and it's owned and operated by some really cool dudes who know their beer. Brian and I spent as much quality time there as we could before moving to North Carolina.

So, I got back to Tucson on Tuesday. Myself and a few friends went over to Local Dough for a pint or two and some pizza after work. To our dismay, the place was closed. Then yesterday, one of these friends and I went to PLaza Liquors to mix a six and a friend who works there told us that 'the man' has been stickin' it to Local Dough.

THEY ARE NOT CLOSED. Just in city bylaw limbo.

Prior to this particular place opening up in there, another restaurant occupied the space. But the city has decided to stick it to the new owners - making them replace a sink because the old one had square instead of round corners. And other random shit like that.

Local Dough is not able to serve food just now. But their beer taps are still flowing. GO THERE. And don't forget to ask them about their ice cream, made with the Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale. Delicious.

They are also hosting an Octoberfest celebration on October 8th that will kick some serious ass. I will post more details about that later.

Don't let stupid city bylaws about sinks and the like take this place down. It's way too cool, and the beer is far too good for that.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Black Cherry Stout = Yum

Ken and I went out to dinner at Caldera Public House, a Portland neighborhood restaurant on 60th & SE Stark. We got sucked in by the big windows and rich-looking interior. We walked in to find deep rich red wall, hardwood floors, rich wood booths and an insanely beautiful ornate wooden bar. There were people of all ages there -- enough to not be empty nor full. Not bad for a Wednesday night at 8. We asked where we should sit and they said anywhere -- "I think there are even some seats left on the patio".

What? There's a patio. Bee-line.

And it was perfect. Secluded. Perfect lighting. Varnished picnic tables with umbrellas. Some small tables with chairs. Lights and lanterns hanging from the tree canopy. Very intimate.

They handed us drink and food menus (happy hour is 5-6 and 9-close -- daily. Good to know, a perfect happy hour place). I got the dark garnet (herradura reposado tequila, pomegranate juice and fresh lime served in a martini glass), which was awesome and smokey. Instead of a cocktail and true to this blog, Ken got Walking Man's Black Cherry Stout (which they had on tap. Per WM's website: ABV 7.2% IBU 35. Our stout combined with the richness of dark cherries. Chocolate and cherries – a perfect match.) They were right. It was killer. Great nose, not very fruity or sweet. But just enough of that cherry heaven.

So in sharp contrast to Marsha's yucky apple lambic, this beer was a winner. Plus, add on a secluded patio, comfortable weather and great company -- ah, the joys of summer.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Apple Lambic=YUCK

I am probably the last person to know this. But there it is. I choked it back though because it was presented to me with love. I tried to taste the love instead of the sickeningly sweet yuckiness that it was.

I hope the person who served it to me isn't made at me for saying I hate it. Prior to the apple lambic I was served a Rogue mole beer. Delicious! Mix equal parts Rogue chipotle and Rogue chocolate stout and enjoy.