Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-Day

This is getting a lot of linkage in the Beer 'Sphere, but in case you've missed Lew Bryson's great piece on women and beer, go read it. Now.


Why don't women drink beer? More to the point, why do brewers think women don't drink beer? They do, I've seen them. Smart, chic women, too, I might add...

I happen to believe that women are just like men when it comes to their tastes. That women, like men, have different tastes as individuals, and that they are not gender-selective for sweets and glop any more than men are. That women deserve to be treated with the same respect when selecting a beer that men do, not a patronizing assumption that they want something light, fruity, candyish, or wine-like. They, like men, may not even know what they like. But I believe that the best way to find that out -- for both of us -- is to offer them the same kind of choices that I would a man.

He also makes some excellent points about the condescending and sexist way beer tends to be marketed (especially by the merchants of mass-produced swill in this country) and how that probably plays a huge role in putting women off of the beverage. Which strikes me as a collosally stupid business practice...not to mention an excellent opportunity for craft brewers to expand their market share...


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