Friday, November 24, 2006

Carolina Beers (so far)

My favorites are currently Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, which I would say is probably my favorite milk stout to date, and Highland Gaelic Ale, which is a lovely malty session ale. The former is pretty widely distributed, the latter you might have to come for a visit to try.

I hope to pay a visit to the Carolina Brewery over in Chapel Hill very soon (perhaps even this weekend). Especially since I just now realized that it is not the same as the Carolina Brewing Company which is a regional bottling powerhouse with a solid Pale Ale and a decent IPA, which is also not to be confused with the Carolina Beer Company, which makes a pretty mediocre Blonde.

Durham, sadly, is lacking its own local brewery (a place called Bull City Brewing closed some years back), though I hear through the grapevine (hopvine?) that the owner of Joyce is looking into the possibility of opening a brewpub. Continue to watch here for more unsubstantiated rumor and wishful thinking.

UPDATE--The Carolina Brewery is a real treat. Had a flight, so we got to try their Sky Blue Golden Ale, Copperline Amber Ale, Flagship IPA, and Downtown Trolley Brown, as well as an Imperial Stout and Santa's Secret, which is their winter ale. All are good, but the Santa's Secret hit the spot. The IPA is also excellent. We will be back.


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