Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lune de Miel

As promised, here's the recipe for my latest from the home brewery.

Lune de Miel
(a Belgian-style spiced ale)

3 lbs plain pale malt extract (Munton's)
1 lb plain amber malt extract (Munton's)
1/2 lb 20L crystal
1/4 lb Belgian biscuit
1/4 lb Belgian caravienne
2 oz Czech Saaz (3.0% alpha)
2 oz German Hersbrucker (3.2% alpha)
1 lb clear (0L) Belgian candi sugar
~6 oz 73% milk-free dark chocolate (I used Trader Joe's brand)
0.75 oz cardamom seed
0.5 oz coriander seed
White Labs Trappist Yeast (WL500)

1. Steep grains 30 min at 150F in ~2 gallons
2. Sparge and bring to a boil; add extract, candi sugar, and chocolate; resume boil
3. In the boil: 60 min w/ 1.5 oz Saaz, 30 min w/ 1 oz Hersbrucker and all the cardamom and coriander (spices coarsely ground with a mortar and pestle and added in a hop bag), 15 min w/ 1 oz Hersbrucker and 0.5 oz Saaz.
4. Cool and dilute to ~4.5 gallons (1.052 SG) and pitch yeast.

This batch was fermented at about 70F ambient temperature. It was moved to secondary on day 9, and bottled on day 14. Final gravity at bottling was 1.007, for 6.2% ABV.

First tastes (4 tasters) were unanimously positive. Light and spicy with citrus overtones. The chocolate seems relegated to the background at this point, and the cardamom leaves the slightest of tingles in your mouth. We'll see how it ages.


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